Pedro Gonçalves (佩德洛)

I received a PhD in Molecular Pathology and Genetics from the University of Porto, Portugal, in 2014, and subsequently worked as a postdoctoral fellow at the University of California, Berkeley (USA, between 2015-2018) and Academia Sinica (Taiwan, between 2019-2020). I joined the College of Medicine of the National Cheng Kung University in 2021, where I am currently a visiting assistant professor. My research interests concentrate on the exploration of fungal biodiversity, primarily at the interface of biology, genetics and evolution of filamentous fungi. I have been involved in various outreach activities, namely as a member of The Millet Project, an initiative devoted to agricultural sustainability and diet diversification. I have also served as a scientific consultant for the biotechnology industry.


twitter: @apedrogon

linkedin: apgoncalves

呂玟錡 (Karen Leu)

I am a undergraduate student majoring in Medical Laboratory Science and Biotechnology at National Cheng Kung University. For the past few years, I’ve been learning in a lab that focuses on gene and protein research, which considerably increased my interest towards genetic engineering of microorganisms. With this in mind, I joined the Gonçalves Lab, hoping to gain more knowledge about fungal biotechnology.

Gonçalves Lab Alumni

Aditya Aryandi Setiawibawa: research assistant, Sep 2021-Sep 2022

黃宣瑜 (Chloe Huang): undergraduate student, Feb-Sep 2022

賴雨彤 (Izabel Lai): master's student, May 2021-Jul 2022