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Pedro Gonçalves (佩德洛)

I received a PhD in Molecular Pathology and Genetics from the University of Porto, Portugal, in 2014, and subsequently worked as a postdoctoral fellow at the University of California, Berkeley (USA, between 2015-2018) and Academia Sinica (Taiwan, between 2019-2020). I joined the College of Medicine of the National Cheng Kung University in 2021, where I am currently a visiting assistant professor. My research interests concentrate on the exploration of fungal biodiversity, primarily at the interface of biology, genetics and evolution of filamentous fungi. I have been involved in various outreach activities, namely as a member of The Millet Project, an initiative devoted to agricultural sustainability and diet diversification. I have also served as a scientific consultant for the biotechnology industry.

Foraging for edible mushrooms in California. Pictured here are some pig's ears mushrooms (also known as violet chanterelles, Gomphus clavatus).


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賴雨彤 (Izabel)

I am a graduate student currently pursuing a Master's of Science degree in the Department of Cell Biology and Anatomy at the National Cheng Kung University. Previously, I obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Aquaculture at the National Taiwan Ocean University, where I studied microbial diseases in marine animals. I joined the Gonçalves Lab in 2021 for my Master’s thesis project, and my current research interests focus on discovering and understanding new mechanisms of antifungal drug resistance.

Aditya Aryandi Setiawibawa (賽提威)

I received my Master's Degree in Life Science in 2021, from the Department of Life Science, National Central University, Taiwan. Previously I graduated from the Faculty of Biology, Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia. Since my undergraduate studies, I believe that biology can become a powerful tool to bring sustainability while also solving many challenges, not only for us “humans” as a society, but also as an advantage to nature itself. This aspiration brought me to join the Gonçalves Lab in 2021 to work on an interesting project at the intersection of folk medicine and fungal biotechnology, which we hope will unveil its hidden potential.

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