BGF (Spring semester)

Biology and Genetics of Fungi (BGF)

LS577800, Spring semester (2022)

Department of Life Sciences, National Cheng Kung University


2022/02/09: A detailed syllabus can be downloaded here.

2022/02/09: Class handouts will be provided in the course's Moodle webpage.

2022/01/14: The course material 'The Fungi' by Watkinson et al can be accessed from NCKU here.

2022/01/14: The course material '21st Century Guidebook to Fungi' by Moore et al is available online for free.

2022/01/14: The website of the course 'Biology and Genetics of Fungi' is online.

Instructor Pedro Gonçalves

Credits (total duration) 2 (36 hours)

Office hours and location Thursday, 14:00-18:00 (College of Medicine, 5th Floor, Room 81-0506)

Main contacts (email) or 062353535 ext. 5340 (phone)

Alternative contact Prof. Yu-Hsun Hsu, Department of Life Sciences:

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